2-kanaals monitor voor toerentalmetingen - Jaquet T600

Jaquet T601 MultiTasker Tachometer

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The T601 was declared obsolete by Jaquet and is functionally replaced by SpeedSys T20 and the SpeedSys T30

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The Jaquet T601 (previously T600) is a two-channel tachometer for demanding machine monitoring applications. The unit has a measuring range of 0.025 Hz to 50 kHz and gives a 4-20 mA output signal that can be configured via the supplied Windows software.

Input and output signals

  • 2 frequency inputs (speed signals)
  • 2 binary inputs
  • 1 analog input for current or temperature (Pt100)
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 2 open collector outputs
  • 4 relays


T601’s allow you the freedom to choose the functions or system configuration that best match your application.

As well as being replacements for previous generation tachometers they can process multiple sensor data including frequency, 0/4…20mA analog, a directly connected PT100 temperature resistor
or sensors with limit switches via binary inputs.

The T601 takes the T501 to a higher level. The 2 frequency inputs may either be interpreted as speed data or speed and timing signal. Logic analyses and mathematic calculations expand the possibilities.
Want to know when a trip occurred? Do you want to use more gear teeth than space allows? Need to swap between different parameter sets? – No problem – the T601 MultiTasker provides the solution.

Uniquely, the T601’s also enables you to logically combine decision parameters from more than one sensor or command to create control signals.

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Serial numbers

384Z-05602 (T601.50) AC-version
384Z-05603 (T601.10) DC-version

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