Jaquet tachometers discontinued by manufacturer; Istec Tx0-series functional replacement

The Jaquet tachometer product line (T400, T500 and T600) has been discontinued by its manufacturer. Istec has developed a range of functional replacement tachometer modules: the Istec SpeedSys Tx0 series.

Istec SpeedSys Tx0-series

To ensure that we can continue to provide our customers with high-quality tachometer products, we have worked hard on the development of the new generation speed monitors and switches: the Istec SpeedSys Tx0 series.

With the Tx0 series, Istec offers a functional replacement for every Jaquet tachometer. The 1-, 2-, and 3-channel versions are now available to order.

Read more about the unique features of the SpeedSys Tx0-series on our product pages:

In the table below you will find the specific Jaquet products of which the production has been discontinued. The replacement products with corresponding serial number are also listed in the table.

Product familyType / serial numberAlternative
T400 TachometerT401.00 (383Z-05307)

Istec SpeedSys T10 - SSYT10-000-003
T400 TachometerT402.00 (383Z-05308)
T400 TachometerT401.03 (383Z-05671)
T400 TachometerT402.03 (383Z-05672)
T400 TachometerT411.00 (383Z-05318)Istec SpeedSys T10 - SSYT10-000-003
+ separate display
Istec SpeedSys T11 - SSYT11-000-003
T400 TachometerT411.03 (383Z-05595)
T400 TachometerT412.00 (383Z-05319)
T400 TachometerT412.03 (383Z-05596)

T500 TachometerT501.50 (384Z-05600)Istec SpeedSys T20 - SSYT20-000-003 (2 ch)
Istec SpeedSys T30 - SSYT30-000-003 (3 ch)
T500 TachometerT501.10 (384Z-05601)

T600 TachometerT601.50 (384Z-05602)Istec SpeedSys T20 - SSYT20-000-003 (2 ch)
Istec SpeedSys T30 - SSYT30-000-003 (3 ch)
T600 TachometerT601.10 (384Z-05603)