Visit Istec at Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium in Houston, TX – booth 1140

From 20 till 22 August Istec will attend to the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium in Houston, Texas. We will demonstrate the new generation SIL2 and SIL3-rated overspeed protection system (SpeedSys 200 / SpeedSys 300), speed monitoring hardware (SpeedSys T10/T20/T30) and our latest innovation: the Istec VibSys.

Visit our booth at TPS2024

Date: 20 – 22 August
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Exhibition booth number: 1140

Live demos of SpeedSys®

With our rotor kit set up with speed wheel we show a live demo of the SpeedSys ODS series, and SpeedSys tachometer series. We will demonstrate SpeedSys’ compatibility of all three speed sensor types, its versatility of voting structures, its user-friendly software, and more.

SpeedSys ODS Overspeed detection system (SIL2 / SIL3)

SpeedSys ODS comes in two types: SpeedSys  200 and SpeedSys 300. SpeedSys ODS is a SIL-rated overspeed detection system for rotating machinery and it delivers the core layer of protection with a compact architecture. Its small technical footprint and low-impact installation enables advanced protection to a wide range of applications.




SpeedSys tachometer series – Speed monitoring and switch systems

The Istec tachometer series provide speed monitoring and switching on rotating equipment. The systems have a small technical footprint and allow for low-impact installations.

Istec VibSys – Vibration monitoring system and cloud gateway

At TPS 2024 in Houston we will introduce our latest innovation to the market: Istec VibSys – an advanced vibration monitoring system and cloud gateway designed to deliver accurate vibration monitoring to any rotating machine, eliminating the need for manual measurements. By seamlessly integrating traditional data acquisition with any data analysis platform, VibSys offers a user-friendly and cost-effective solution, while enhancing machine insights and maintenance efficiency.

Istec VibSys »

Get a free copy of bookazine Speed or Vibration at our booth


Visitors of our booth can get a free copy of bookazine Speed and bookazine Vibration. Both books contain about 88 pages of informative knowledge articles, case studies, and a comprehensive best practice guide.

  • Bookazine Speed covers topics such as speed measurements, overspeed protection, sensor types, functional safety & SIL, the API 670, and more.
  • Bookazine Vibration covers topics such as vibration measurements, vibration protection, sensor types, functional safety & SIL, the API 670, and more.

Q&A with speed experts

Come around and get direct answers to all your speed and vibration related questions. You can ask our experts about hardware, functional safety, SIL, SpeedSys ODS-series, SpeedSys tachometer-series, replacement solutions, VibSys, et cetera.

Wouter Verschuren

Wouter Verschuren


Merien Uitterhoeve

Product manager SpeedSys

Ram Shukla

Business Development Manager