Troubleshooting on systems

The reliability of monitoring and protection systems is essential. When a malfunction or deviation is detected, this requires fast troubleshooting service to locate and resolve the problem. Istec offers the most accessible and flexible troubleshooting service in the market.

Why Istec?

Istec has the largest internal team of highly certified vibration and speed specialists in Western Europe. We work brand-independently, which means that we offer service for all brands of monitoring and monitoring systems. Our specialists are accessible and flexible and are available for support when needed.


In the event of a malfunction or deviation in a monitoring or protection system, our specialists can be on site quickly to locate the problem. Thanks to their expertise with sensors, systems and machine analyses, both system problems and machine problems can be identified quickly and a suitable solution can be worked on directly.

Supporting equipment

Istec has developed supporting equipment to test and verify systems and sensors, for both speed and vibration applications, which speeds up the troubleshooting process. For example, for verifying overspeed protection systems, a tool has been developed to simulate signals and various tools have been developed for verifying and calibrating vibration loops.

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Istec Response™

With Istec Response™, Istec challenges the status quo in offering service on vibration and speed systems. By focusing on accessibility and flexibility, we can offer service when the customer needs it.

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