Machine Safety Consultancy

Istec consultants offer clarity in the field of functional safety and SIL (Safety Integrity Level). We assist with the implementation and maintenance of machine monitoring systems with fully supported processes and clear advice. We also support the implementation and execution of test procedures. Our consultants monitor the entire process, combining certified functional safety expertise with experience with sensors and systems. 

In the context of our consultancy, we evaluate the installation and prepare a thorough report of the results. The report, prepared in accordance with the objectives of IEC 61511, outlines the situation within applicable guidelines and offers concrete solutions and tools for improvement as indicated. Working actively on functional safety and guided by top expertise, we help minimise safety risks and liability and ensure that insurance requirements are met.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

SIL safety systems are verified and tested according to strict procedures. An important guideline is formed by applicable machine guidelines. Our functional safety consultants offer support as you implement and execute these procedures and system tests to guarantee safety functions.

Additionally, a thorough system assessment can be carried out in which deficiencies are areas for improvement are clearly documented. The documentation provides structural guidance for maintaining safety systems and prioritizing improvements, forming an essential part of documentation obligations regarding safety systems.


  • Status assessment Determining whether existing management tools, documentation structure, maintenance management systems and available risk analyses of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are consistent with IEC 61511.
  • Management responsibility assessment Define which steps are needed to adjust current management tools so they are consistent with the IEC 61511 directive.
  • Management tools assessment Define the steps to be taken to make available tools such as the documentation system and maintenance system consistent with the IEC 61511.
  • Risk analysis, HAZOP, reliability analysis and LOPA assessment Define the steps to be taken to ensure that the executed analyses are consistent with the IEC 61511.
  • SIL level assessment Define the required SIL level per application and verify whether current instrumentation is suitable for its function.
  • Proof test assessment Determine whether and how the Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are maintained consistent with the IEC 61511 directive.
  • Competence assessment Determine the required level of expertise of personnel involved with proof tests.

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