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Tachometer – T401

Note: The T401 has been declared obsolete and is no longer available; the SpeedSys T10 offers a functional replacement.

Note: The T411 & T412 (display units) have been declared obsolete and are no longer available; the SpeedSys T11 offers a functional replacement.


The Jaquet T401 single channel tachometer speed switch is part of the T400 series for speed measurement, switching and indicating. The T401 converts absolute speed into an analog signal and has a measuring range between 0-1 Hz and 0-35 kHz. It includes 2 limits (A/B) with programmable hysteresis and one changeover relay. The adaptive trigger provides high noise immunity for use with e.g. electromagnetic sensors. The T401 can be configured via the included Windows® software.

This tachometer is also available with a display (type T411).

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Serial numbers

383Z-05307 (T401.00)
383Z-05308 (T402.00)
383Z-05318 (T411.00)
383Z-05319 (T412.00)
383Z-05595 (T411.03)
383Z-05596 (T412.03)


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brochure Jaquet – Company Brochure
brochure Jaquet – Speed / Overspeed Brochure
datasheet Jaquet T-401 – Product Sheet
software Jaquet T-400 series V1.16 – Configuration software
software Jaquet T-400 series V1.18 – Configuration software

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