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Online (remote) monitoring of vibrations to prevent damage


The in-house engineering team detects damage to the overpressure protection devices, which is believed to be caused by excessive vibrations in the pipework, as a result of varying operational processes. A solution is urgent, as this could lead to costly damage and dangerous situations.

How can these vibrations be detected so that future damage can be prevented? And how can a cloud-based solution ensure that this is organized efficiently?


A temporary measuring system proved to be very valuable for understanding the causes of the excessive vibrations in the pipework. For this reason, it was decided to install a permanent setup. The vibration analysts of Istec have implemented a measuring system (VibroSmart) which triggers a local alarm when detected excessive vibration levels. If it is immediately clear where the vibrations come from, the process operator can take action. When the cause is more difficult to trace, the vibration analysts from Istec can perform a data analysis remotely.

To enable remote data analysis, a 4G modem is used that sends all vibration signals from the VibroSmart modules to the secure cloud environment. From the cloud environment, the data is loaded into the VibroSight platform, after which the analysts from Istec perform the data analysis.


  • Delivery and installation of a cloud-based solution for vibration measurements and analyses with local alarms towards the process control system
  • Possibility of extensive reporting of (remote) vibration analyses and advice
  • Possibility of remote on-demand analysis
  • Accurate insights of the vibration behaviour of the pipework.


Early detection of excessive vibrations can prevent costly damage to the piping and increase safety. In addition, processes can be optimised using remote data analyses and vibration expertise is always within reach.

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