FT3000 rack replacement

Istec offers a 1-to-1 replacement for Jaquet FT3000 racks; a rack-insert that offers 3-channel acceleration and overspeed protection in the same rack size (19″ 3U) and with similar connections. The rack-insert is designed to minimize the infrastructural impact of the retrofit project, aiming for one day, one engineer.   


SpeedSys: designed for SIL

The rack-insert consists of the SpeedSys overspeed detection system, which complies with the latest safety standards, and ensures easy maintenance and long proof-test intervals.

Use existing infrastructure

The rack-insert fits the existing cabinet and is compatible with commonly used sensor types: variable reluctance (VR) sensors, Hall-effect sensors and eddy current sensors.


One day, one engineer

The rack-insert is designed to minimize the infrastructural impact of the retrofit project.


The FT3000 retrofit solution consists of the SpeedSys overspeed detection system. This modern system offers SIL2 or SIL3 certified acceleration and overspeed protection, and complies with the latest industrial safety standards.

Read more: SpeedSys 200 (SIL2), SpeedSys 300 (SIL3)

Available options

The rack-insert comes in SIL2 and SIL3 versions and can optionally be configured with displays for local reading of each channel.



Any voting structure

The rack-insert is suitable for any voting structure. When replacing a Jaquet FT3000 rack, a two-out-of-three (2oo3) voting structure will be required, but any voting structure can be realized.

Mouting, wiring and testing

The rack insert is delivered ready to use. The mounting, the wiring based on the desired voting structure, and a complete test are carried out by our specialists.

Customized engineering

If the pre-engineered configurations are not suitable, a turnkey rack-insert can be designed in close collaboration with our specialists.


Available soon


Available soon

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