Meggitt sensors approved for LM2500 gas turbine

Meggitt sensors and systems have long been the choice for turbine developers. Recently, General Electric approved Meggitt’s sensors for the LM2500 gas turbine. The latest condition monitoring system and software perfectly complement these sensors. Meggitt thus offers a complete package of sensors, machine monitoring, and condition monitoring for turbines. The LM2500 gas turbine from General Electric requires the use of dynamic pressure sensors (CP 106), gearbox sensors (CE 281 & CA 280 (optional)), compressor sensors (TQ 400 series), and machine monitoring and condition monitoring hardware (VSV300, VSI010 & VSN010).

For machine monitoring and condition monitoring, VSV300 (VibroSmart) modules are used. This monitoring system from Vibro-meter (Meggitt) is developed for monitoring turbines and other critical rotating machines in a cost-effective manner. VibroSmart is designed to operate in extreme industrial environments where high temperatures and explosive atmospheres occur (ATEX Zone 2). Since the VibroSmart modules are mounted directly on the equipment being measured, only a small amount of cabling is required.


The distributed architecture makes the VSV300 ideally suited for large plants or isolated machines. The VSV300 handles data acquisition and signal processing. The VSV300 works closely with the VibroSight software package, which provides clear insight into the obtained data. VibroSight also offers various options to limit to only relevant data, thereby preventing users from being overwhelmed by data.