Metrix vibration sensor receives SIL2 certification

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Metrix type 5485C vibration sensor was recently SIL2 certified.

SIL (Safety Integrity Level), is a method or measurement unit to determine the reliability of electrical, electronic and programmable systems. With the SIL2 certification, the 5485C was thoroughly evaluated on the basis of IEC6158 Functional Safety standards. These standards show that the sensor is fit for use in active safety systems.

5485C Vibration sensor

The 5485C vibration sensor is developed for applications that endure high ambient temperatures with a maximum of 375°C. The sensor is ATEX certified, with a stainless steel housing. Moreover, the 5485C is independent of a specific axis which eases the install process in a broad range of applications.

Due to its specifications, the sensor can be used for gas turbines and other applications which endure high ambient temperatures. The sensor is used as default in many large industrial gas turbines.

The vibration sensor requires no external power supply, due to use of voltage that occurs internally, as a result of vibration. This internal occurrence of voltage functions as output. The cable which is used to send the output is available in two configurations: integral cable or removable cable.

Over Metrix

Metrix is a leading supplier of machine monitoring systems and condition monitoring products to the industrial market. The brand is known for its mission to develop innovative and payable products. With a large scale of products and competitive pricing, Metrix offers the complete package for monitoring various applications.

SIL consultancy by Istec

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