Maintenance and validation of overspeed monitoring systems at turbine-driven cogeneration plants (CHP units)

Many managers are not aware of their responsibility to periodically test and validate the overspeed protection system of turbine-driven cogeneration plants, also known as combined heat and power plants (CHP). In practice this often turns out not to be done (frequently). However, the reliability of the system is essential for the safety of the personnel and availability of the machine. At the same time, the demand for functional safety (SIL) is increasing, and subsequently the demand for dedicated external expertise. Istec has a team of overspeed protection system specialists who are locally based for fast, accessible and brand-independent service to end-users. 

End-user responsibility

Even though overspeed protection systems are supplied by the manufacturer (OEM) with a SIL certification, the end-user has the responsibility to maintain the intregrity of the system. The manufacturer specifies the necessary proof-test interval in the system documentation. However, due to brand dependence, inaccessbility, and the lack of local presence, the manufacturers of these complex overspeed protection systems often fail to provide the service end-users require.

“When was the last time you have tested your overspeed protection system?”


The full-service standard; Istec ResponseTM

Istec ResponseTM is a unique service concept for protection and monitoring systems of rotating machinery. Istec ResponseTM allows maintenance teams to transfer the commissioning and testing of these complex systems to a team of certified specialists, with accessibility and flexibility being central.

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Istec offers full-service outsourcing to implement and maintain advanced SIL certified overspeed protection systems, while maximizing safety and increasing the availability of cogeneration plants. With a dedicated team of locally based certified specialists, Istec provides fast, accessible and brand-independent service for end-users.

Functional safety/SIL proof-tests

In order to comply with the functional safety (SIL) guidelines proof-tests must be performed. Istec’s functional safety engineers can perform these tests on site with specialist simulation equipment to guarantee the integrity of the system.

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Commissioning & turnarounds

Istec offers commissioning and turnaround services on overspeed protection systems and sensors. Our engineers can validate the system and, if necessary, adjust its configurations.

Obsolescence support

A large number of cogeneration plants are protected by overspeed protection systems that have been declared obsolete by its manufacturer. As a result, spare parts are becoming scarce and the manufacturer can no longer provide the support necessary to continue using the system safely and functionally. These systems include:

  • Jaquet FT3000
  • Bently Nevada 3500/53M
  • CCC Guardian (previous generation)
  • Woodward ProTech (previous generation)

Istec guides transition projects to modern systems by offering 1-on-1 replacement solutions with a low technical and financial impact. An example of a 1-on-1 replacement for the Jaquet FT3000 » 


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