Istec announces partnership with PREI to supply and support advanced protection systems in South Africa

Istec partners with PREI Instrumentation for the distribution of the Istec product line in South Africa. This is the start of a joint effort of supplying and supporting the most advanced protection and monitoring systems for rotating machinery in the South African market.

PREI Instrumentation

PREI reflects decades of experience with rotating machinery on their wide understanding of speed and vibration applications, making them the ideal party to provide customers with these systems. Their expertise in measuring these critical parameters allows them to provide the long-term support that customers should expect. PREI is situated in Alberton, South Africa.

Speed and rod displacement

The partnership includes the distribution and support of the Istec product line, with special attention to the new protection systems for two critical parameters: speed and rod drop.

The SpeedSys 200 is a SIL-rated overspeed detection system for rotating machinery that delivers the core layer of protection with a compact architecture. Read more »


The RecipSys 200 is a compact rod drop monitoring system for reciprocating compressors that delivers real-time data of rider band wear. Read more »