Vibration protection

When a machine is exposed to severe vibrations, it is crucial to act quickly. Severe vibrations can cause damage to a machine, possibly resulting in damage to people and the environment. By means of using the right protection system it can be ensured that a machine automatically trips when a predetermined vibration value is reached.

Vibration protection systems

  • Vibro-Meter – VM600Centralized machine protection system - VM600

    The VM600 system from Vibro-Meter Meggitt is developed to protect turbomachinery (vibration protection). The system is modular, scalable and configurable, allowing it to be tailored to the application. An additional module makes it possible to use the VM600 for condition monitoring, enabling predictive maintenance.

  • Vibro-Meter – VSV300

    The VibroSmart distributed protection system (VSV300) from Vibro-Meter (Meggitt) monitors turbines and other critical rotating machinery. It allows the user to monitor machines cost-efficiently, without losing performance. The system has a distributed architecture, which makes it particularly suitable for large plants, or plants with secluded machines.

Vibration sensors

For measuring and controlling vibrations, Istec offers a wide range of vibration sensors from various manufacturers (Wilcoxon, Metrix, Vibro-Meter).

Services to protection systems

The specialists from Istec are specialized in installing and calibrating vibration protection systems. Moreover, Istec offers services to customers that want to/have to check and verify their protection systems during a planned turnaround or shutdown. Our services are brand-independent, meaning that we provide services op turbo machinery from brand like: Vibro-Meter (Meggitt), Bently Nevada, Brüel & Kjaer, Jaquet, ENtek/IRD, Metrix, SKF, et cetera.

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